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The beauty of
natural Indonesian craftsmanship

Fossil table

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The fossil table is formed when a tree completely transforms into stone as all the organic material gets replaced by minerals, a process called permineralization. This process results into the extremely strong material with the unique structure of wood.

Placing a piece of fossil table inside your home is an excellent way to attract the vibrations of nature.

The earth energies present in this fossil table will calm you. The natural appearance will provide you with aesthetically elegant ways of welcoming this presence of energy into your home.

The simplicity and elegance of Indonesian teak wood

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"Wooden dining chairs come with powerful craftsmanship, with  smooth lines and a warm touch completed with the outstanding colour of the cushion. Perfect to balance the natural reflections at your home."

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The Indonesian Teak Bird Cabinet and side table are inspired by natural elements.


Their natural colours radiate warm feelings with a minimalistic design.

The cabinet will fit perfectly with any part of your home, you can place it in your living room as well as your kitchen.

The waving leather teak lounge chair

The presence of this lounge chair adds style to your space and is very comfortable.

It's a perfect fit in your cosy corner.

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